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On May 26th 2021 your outlet posted a lengthy statement from the Police Commission of Weston to the community defending its actions and its support of the WPD regarding the Simpson incident. In one specific line of this article the Board made its claim that there has not been a history of complaints to its “Officers or the WPD as a whole” and further leading and representing this statement to the community that its Officers and the WPD as a whole has been performing its duties in the most correct manner without any double standard to its residents of color.

This statement and the many claims associated with it has only sparked more questions than answers from the NAACP and myself knowing we have been down this road just the year before.

The Community needs to know the truth that Mr Simpson’s incident is not isolated.

Below is my email letter sent the Board of Police Commission prior to last week … to this date as I write there has been no response or reply, furthering proof Mr Simpson’s incident just like mine as being ignored for it to go away.

May 17th 2021

My name is Brian Murray-Dalrymple a Black 58 yr old male. On or around July 15th 2019 two meetings were arranged and held in the Town of the Weston Central Office and one in its School District building.

In attendance were Mrs Brenda Penn-Williams the President of the Norwalk Chapter of the NAACP along with Rev Jeffrey Ingraham a NAACP board member and Brian Murray-Dalrymple we then as scheduled met with Chief Ed Henion & Captain Matt Brodacki of the Weston Police department for 30 minutes, we also met with First Selectman Dr Chris Spaulding, Town Administrator Jonathan Luiz and its Town Attorney Ira Bloom also for 30 minutes then additionally the Weston Superintendent of Schools Dr William McKersie and the schools prior and previous attorney Jessica Smith Goodwin.

In the meetings above I made a series of official complaints of Racial criminality to me and a family member to the Weston Police department to then Chief Ed Henion and Captain Matt Brodacki, both officials were already aware of these complaints because of the Police reports on file.

However one specific complaint of a serious felony matter was the reason for the meeting and was addressed for demand of investigation, an alleged crime that falls under the Federal section 18 U.S code 249 Hate Crimes Act.

The POLICE incident report (#18-1860) on file was made with Officer Arnette on the day of the incident dated 11/02/2018; the incident a very serious matter was brought up again and again for action to then Chief Ed Henion and Captain Matt Brodacki with which the matter was assured and said to be investigated and followed up with, (which never /was or done).

In brief, the concern was to the anger and hate against a Black American child who innocently was walking on school grounds on his way to Peters supermarket and the subject to a criminal behavior by his “HUNTERS” with the use of their Motor vehicle in an attempt to cause serious harm while using Homophobic names and slurs, a dangerous criminal action that could have caused the loss of life to that Black Minor child.

With the recent accounts of other Black residents in the Town of Weston facing the same double standard of investigation by the Weston Police department, I formally ask for an accountability of their practices and actions regarding this matter pertaining to the alleged incident above.

Thank you and I hope to hear your thoughts with a follow up.

— Brian Murray-Dalrymple

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