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Open letter to our Honorable State representatives,

As a Connecticut resident and the owner of two EVs, with a third reserved, I am reaching out to you — yet again — in support of SB 127. I want to thank you for your support and consideration.

SB 127 will make it much easier for our friends, family, and neighbors, interested in EVs to purchase and service them locally, instead of having to go to New York. Furthermore, it adds additional competition in the state without bypassing existing consumer protections!

I would like to be able to buy my next electric vehicle here in Connecticut and support my community, bring more innovation and EVs to the state, and improve air quality — and driving pleasure for all.

We all know there are a few of your colleagues who are holding out or aligned with legacy interests. They are letting the needs of the few impact the rest of us. Nearly 14,000 owners/residents were forced out of State to buy EVs. Please send the right message that Connecticut is no longer a laggard in EV adoption, but intends to be a leader.

And please be mindful of the argument by dealers that Tesla is somehow seeking advantage in EV sales in advance of their OEMs entering the market. Funny how that works. If Tesla hadn’t entered the market and been so wildly successful — these legacy manufacturers would never voluntarily enter the market in their own. Now that they are, and it’s very early days for them, many of these same legacy OEMs are seeking to bypass existing franchisees and sell direct. Waiting for this drama to play out, putting the citizens of this State in the middle, is no path forward.

The world is changing fast and we need to get with the program. Your colleagues are holding the State back. There’s so much acrimony in this State over so many different issues whereas this is one issue that had bipartisan support in committee. Please do what you can to bring this bill to a successful outcome.

And to our citizens, for more information and a link to encourage your reps with your own thoughts, feel free to click this link: https://evfreedomct.com/.

— Michael S. Liebow

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