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In the upcoming election for state house/senate seats I’m supporting John Shaban, Tony Hwang, and Kim Healy. I hope you will too. They support Weston’s control of its schools, its zoning, and the retention of our School Resource Officers. Democrats in Hartford want to regionalize our school system, eliminate School Resource Officers, and give control of zoning to neighboring cities.

Governor Dannel Malloy (Democrat) negotiated a no-layoff agreement with state unions. Those same unions enjoyed a pay increase of 5.5% this year. It’s the Chicago Democratic political model of you vote for me and I’ll protect you. Electing Republicans to Hartford will change that model. Republicans embrace the Jeffersonian model of small government and local control. If we want to be sure that the people we send to Hartford fight for Weston we’ll vote for John, Tony, and Kim. I hope to see you at the polls.

— Dr. Dan Gilbert (Ph.D.)

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