Letter to the Editor


I write this letter in support of Jim Himes for Congress.

My reasoning is certainly based on Jim’s positions (which I agree with—in education, for example, universal pre-K; or a much greater focus on mass transit) and his character (which impresses me: non-judgmental, analytical, compassionate).

It also has to do with who—or what—he’s running against: the darkness that emanates from the White House.

The administration’s ethical bankruptcy, utter disregard for science and truth in general, for government for-the-people, has thinking Republicans fleeing not merely Trump but any candidates who support him—candidates like Jim’s opponent.

We need people in Congress who propose, support, and enact the right programs nationally and for the fourth district. That’s Jim.

But we also need people who can resist the national corruption that infects our country and our state. And that’s also Jim.

— Roger Longman

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