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Speaking as a 60s born Black man I partly disagree with the ideas of introducing books and material to teach kids about Racism, if we have the need to teach children in the school system to read books on being kind and respectful to all people of color then the problem lies more at home. Being Kind and respectful to Black and Brown people shouldn’t be a High School or College course in order to achieve a passing grade on the understanding of Racism.

One of many ideas for Weston to best succeed in this area is the hiring of Black teachers and Black Police officers, Black teachers are more than ever important for white students, it amazes me that after living in Weston for 8 years with 5 Black children in the school system that nothing has changed since the day I moved in, as I write I received an email from the Administration with its joy and celebration of the hiring of another two White teachers to replace the previous positions held by the same.

Just this prior week I received from my children extremely hurtful Racial Pictures calling Blacks the N word that circulated the Weston Community from numerous Students who were fed up and frustrated at School Administration for not holding the students in these pictures accountable, and it doesn’t stop there either I also had my “Karen” experience last Fall when another parent called Weston Police claiming I had a Gun while I trained and practiced in full soccer gear with my daughter also dressed in Soccer gear, the parent who knew me for years was upset that I did not leave the field fast enough to his pleasure, he described me as a suspicious black male who wouldn’t leave the field and nothing else about who I was and what I was doing, what he failed to understand he put my life in extreme danger, White people cannot use the police for false intentions or purposes against blacks in disagreements this should be made law.

On Sunday many in the community came out and sat on the lawn at the Weston Library in support for Racial injustice all over the nation in black communities by Police, unfortunately I was not impressed by our leaders who spoke, I also questioned the speakers who came from outside our community with not knowing the problems that exist here, I had my chance to speak and realized that Weston may not be ready for a real conversation on Race because most White people find it to painful when the truth comes out and thus explains why we can't go forward, I did however congratulate a White Sophomore female Student and told her she was my hero for speaking the truth on what happens in Weston HS and the Racism she sees every day, she recognizes this Poison more than the School Officials and Administration do, so ask yourself this, why does your Tax money pay them so much when they can’t solve one of the most troubling concerns in human history, this is not a big town it shouldn’t be hard to do.

— Brian Murray-Dalrymple

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