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A recent campaign of letters to the editor paint an unfair picture of Weston’s May 7 Board of Finance meeting.

In the early days of tabloid journalism, in order to avoid lawsuits, such uncensored and inflammatory assertions began with the disclaimer “Important If True.”

One letter writer, Lawrence Rehr, grossly mis- “quotes” Mr. Bochinski, only to admit in the next breath that he is paraphrasing. Even more alarming, admixing images of swastikas and white supremacists, he plays to the basest of human emotions.

Sarah Grigerick asserts that what she sees as fiscal irresponsibility will increase the likelihood of an adult or child becoming Covid-19 infected, increasing the Town’s liability. Let’s be honest, anyone can sue anyone for any amount and for any reason.

Ilene Richardson reports being “disgusted” and questions the Board’s “moral responsibility."

All this while the BOF is being accused of responding to others’ “scare tactics” and “emotional” pleas. Really?

Further Ms. Richardson states “thank god that at least one member… is looking at the numbers.” I do hope she isn’t taken in by the BOF member who conflated “70% more people are voting for” with it is generally a “70% 30% break.”

I am not entertained by the insults or statistical sleight of hand and I trust your readers aren’t fooled either.

Moreover, I want to believe these writers are not indicative of the quality of Weston’s character. There is no place for these tactics in civil discourse.

I wholeheartedly disagree with the mis-characterizations of the role of the BOF.

They are not elected merely as concierges, running errands for private clients.

We entrust them with managing the risk and protecting the financial well-being of Weston for all our neighbors.

This distinction is important and it is true.

— Dr. James Maggio

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