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Thanks for the coverage of this Town/District budget cycle. Curious that Weston Today attracted only letters expressing "criticism" of the BoF. If so, there's probably a worthwhile story just in that outcome, given the complexity of the issue and the total number and content of Public Hearing comments.

Regarding the Letter to the Editor referenced in the subject of this email (and for any that might be in agreement with the sentiment), which according to the May 2 public hearing minutes/recording was submitted by the same participant that stated the proposed tax increase is equivalent to no more than the cost of "a dinner out for my wife and I in Westport", we would respectfully note that he is always free to simply pay $200, $2,000, or $20,000 more than the annual tax bill he will receive in the mail no matter what the BoF decides this year. If that is his preference, he may do so at any time- we are certain no one at Town Hall will object. Therefore, it is not necessary that he publicly "DEMAND" it of anybody. As a result, the only true "demand" he is making with his Letter to the Editor is that his unemployed and sick neighbors that cannot afford yet another annual property tax increase (much less a $250 dinner out at his preferred restaurant in Westport) be compelled to pay more by virtue of a tax increase they cannot vote for or against. Fortunately, both the vast majority of our Weston neighbors and BoF members are not similarly so insensitive.

0%. Make Changes, Not Cuts.

Thanks sincerely to the first responders for keeping us safe, and all the Town officials working their way through an unprecedented period for our community and nation. Stay healthy everyone.

— Gregg and Jenn Haythorn

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