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Board of Finance Members: While I have upmost respect for the challenging task you face, and I appreciate all of the dedicated work you all have been doing, I am stunned by what I witnessed in the meeting tonight.

As I listened in to the call this evening (5/7/20) I was at the same time confused and disgusted by the apparent lack of facts presented during the course of your meeting. What I just witnessed was a handful of emotional pleas change the minds and mindsets of individuals who were elected to represent me.

How dare anyone of you claim that it does not matter what the majority of town emails have said, that you ‘know better’. You are here to serve the town, not to ignore it for your personal agenda.

The lack of a town wide vote on the budget makes it MORE imperative that the voices on the calls and the emails sent are LISTENED to. This is OUR vote.

You do not have the authority to discount my voice. You do not have the authority to tell me voice doesn't matter because I did not write a long enough email. You can not silence my opinion because someone else is yelling louder than me.

It is your job and your moral responsibility to do what is right, to represent all citizens in this town, not just the 30% or so who complain the loudest.

Because we are unable to vote on these budgets this year it is even more important that you listen to your constituents. Because of Covid, you have been entrusted to vote on behalf of the people, and instead it seems that your personal views are negating the will of your constituents.

How can this small group of men (and one woman) bicker about non-facts, endorse scare tactics, and generally underestimate the number of caring and concerned Weston citizens who wish to support the strength and integrity of both our town and our schools?

How can you possibly consider taking money away from schools right now when there is no possible way we can know what the fall and the phasing in of schools might look like. It is completely irresponsible to jeopardize the health and safety of Weston's children for a few dollars.

I thank god that at least one member of this board is looking at numbers. That she has crunched the data from both phone calls and meetings to see that a large majority of voters in the community support these budgets as proposed.

A large majority of this town values education, real estate investments and community. A large majority of this community is here for the schools, the single family homes, the open space, and warmth of families, why aren't you listening?

Was this email long enough to count?

— Ilene Richardson

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