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The Weston League of Women Voters would like to thank the four candidates for election to the Police Commission who participated in the 90 minute debate the League held on Saturday morning, October 19th, at the Weston Public Library.

And a big thank you as well to members of the public who attended the debate on that lovely Saturday morning. And who posed the following Questions:

1. The Police Budget is mostly made up of salaries. Is there any way to reduce the increase in your budget over time?

2. Do you have a handle on overtime? This has always been a problem. Is it still?

3. What are the trouble spots for traffic in town?

4. Why can we not have “red light” speed cameras to ticket speeders – there are companies that can do this – and it would raise revenue?

5. Do we need any more traffic lights based upon volume increases in rush hour or other reasons? Where?

6. Should the Police Commission play a stronger role in school safety?

7. What training is given to officers handling domestic violence cases? Is it sufficient?

8. How can the Police Department and Police Commission more effectively contribute to reducing the incidence of teenage drug and alcohol usage?

9. What training is given to officers about handling mental health related incidences? Is it sufficient to the need?

10. With the absence of the Weston Forum what are the resources you intend to use to communicate the Commission’s top priorities and vital information to the community?

11. The Commission received funds for purchase of a drone in the last budget. What are you using it for? What should it be used for in the coming years?

12. The Town Plan consultant has received traffic counts and analyzed them recently. What input can you offer to the expansion of Town Center proposals along Route 57?

13. Should the Commission run a safety program either for students in the schools or for everyone on speeding?

14. What is the most frequent crime committed in Weston? What is the most serious?

15. What is the biggest single issue for the Police Commission to address in the near future?

The League’s video of this event will feature the candidates’ answers to these questions. It will appear on-line at http://www.lwvweston.org, beginning within two days of the event!

League also invites you to visit our website for information about all of the candidates who will be on the ballot on the November 5th: http://www.lwvweston.org/Election2019.html

Margaret Wirtenberg
Weston LWV Voter Services

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