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First off, I want to say that my family has lived in Weston for 50 years. My parents moved here in 1969 and I happily made the move in 2004. Since then, I have grown to love this town and its people. Weston is a quirky interesting place and after life in New York and LA, I find that that I have so much in common with so many people here.

When Weston elected Chris Spaulding as First Selectman in a landslide, it was notice that the people in Weston wanted a forward-thinking government and they wanted to look at things in a new way. Since then, we have moved steadily forward with the Town Green and the Dog Park and the sidewalks and many other things. While all of these have been important, they have been just the first baby steps on the way to making Weston a place that a new generation of residents will want to live.

Then along came a $5 million dollar gift for the library which would allow us to all of a sudden take giant steps on the road to a community that is attractive to all ages. And what happens? The Town overwhelmingly voices its approval and excitement only to find that obstacles start being put in the way of this gift and the possibility of other gifts.

I am writing to urge all of my fellow Westonites in the strongest possible way to urge the Historic Commission to approve the addition to the Weston Library. This is not just a matter of a single gift and a single project, this is notice that either Weston proudly marches toward a future filled with promise or whether it becomes just a backwater town that once had a good school system.

Let me make no bones about this – if this gift is not approved, younger people will find elsewhere to go with more amenities, the grand list will be further reduced, and the downward spiral will begin. This is a gift that must be approved for the future of our wonderful town.

Amy Shapiro

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