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I have been a resident of Weston for 33 years and a Realtor in the community for 23 years. My husband and I have raised our family here and we have always treasured its small town feel, amazing schools, nurturing environment and its intrinsic beauty.

I have always been passionate about Weston and I consider myself one of its greatest cheerleaders but selling homes has become a challenge. High taxes, declining property values, lack of amenities and location have hurt the town. People buying homes today want more. Our outstanding schools are its biggest draw but we have to do more to create an environment that attracts todays buyer. The proposed library addition with an arts and innovation wing is a step in the right direction.

The Daniel E. Offut III Charitable Trust has magnanimously offered to fund a gift of up to $5M to build this addition. For a town like Weston this is a gift from heaven. The Historic District Commission members object to its design. They say it is too large, too tall and object to the glass. This new design is not “incongruous” with the current structure. It is an enhancement that blends beautifully with the current library and would do so much to serve the community and create a gathering space we are sorely lacking.

It is hard to believe that we are in jeopardy of losing a $5M gift over this. May I also point out that Mr. Orenstein, the trustee of the estate, has offered an additional $500K gift for the rebuilding of Firehouse #1, contingent upon the approval of the library addition. This gentleman has also donated over $1M to our town.

I urge all residents to take a close look at the proposed library wing designed by Hanna Przada of LyonsPlain Architecture and Design. Information can be found at westontoday.news and on the town website. Time is running out. The next meeting with the Historic District Commission is October 16th at 8PM. Let’s not squander this fabulous opportunity. I hope our community will speak up and throw your support behind this project.

Leslie Riback

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