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To the Historic District Commission,

My husband and I are 25+ year residents of Weston. We love our town and have recommended Weston to many who have since moved here.

I attended the meeting the other night, there are no words to say how disappointed I was to hear your responses.

A five million dollar gift will go away due to your concerns. To lose this opportunity is impossible to imagine. This will impact the future of our town in the most profound way.

1. Why should people leave money to town if we can't get anything done?

2. If word gets out that our town loses this generous gift, we will look like a community that can't get their acts together.

3. Weston with all the for sale signs needs something like to this to show how we are not a relic.

4. The library is not historical, it was built in 1962. Town Hall is not historical. The architect was sensitive that you should not see the addition from the road. Whereas you may not personally like the look of the addition. (many of us find it exciting and dynamic) your responses were unfortunate.

5. Whoever suggested turning the building or roof be turned 90% gave me no doubt that you were suggesting ridiculous ideas. "Too big, too tall, too much glass??" You should have put yourselves on film and listened to how you came across.

I know many of you have volunteered for our town for so many years, and have given so much time and effort on behalf of our town, and for that, I say thank you, but should we lose this opportunity it will be on your shoulders. This decision is about the children, our town's future, not about the past.

I am unfortunately unable to attend the meeting on the 16th but hope you will reconsider your point of view. The good this addition will do for Weston will do so much for our community.

Fran Sheff-Mauer

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