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The nice thing about living in Weston is that everybody is smart.

So if we can’t figure out how to adapt to the pandemic’s variant du jour, I would be surprised.

For example, the LWV of Weston has decided to conduct “Speak Up 2022” as a virtual event again on February 12th (Saturday). From 10:30a.m. to 12 noon on Zoom.

Weston Kiwanis, which has wonderful high-tech hybrid meetings on Saturdays, decided to go all virtual for January thanks to Omicron.

The Legislature in Hartford is not immune. A closing of public access was announced. Why? An outbreak of the Omicron variant among its Capitol Police. Half its officers were out sick last week.

The Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations conducted an online survey last Fall. And to their surprise they received an overwhelming response! What to do about public meetings.

Live only? Virtual only? Any “hybrid” capacity (a live meeting broadcast on Zoom live) is also to be considered.

The A.C.I.R.’s online survey of legislators, lawyers, local elected officials and the general public reported some good news! Virtual meetings energized public attendance!

Meanwhile Weston’s Facilities Optimization Committee moves ahead. Watch for more public meetings as their architectural plans take shape!

The Board of Selectmen took the recommendations of the Planning & Zoning Commission. They voted unanimously to “opt-out.” Of what? Two-housing units on one lot. With neither being required to be owner-occupied.

The State of Connecticut considers these “Accessory Dwelling Units” not be counted as fulfilling “affordable housing” requirements. Nor be subject to property tax.

And the other vote made by the Selectmen was to opt out of a mandate for no more than one-parking space per bedroom in an apartment unit.

Our P&Z has already included this more modest parking requirement in the Village District. Weston is getting ready for a “future Weston” some day!

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