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What’s up for Weston in 2022?

As I write this column it is hard to say. My crystal ball which would normally provide the answer, is buried under a general dark cloud of Covid-19 news.

Looking at the bright side, however, Weston arrives at this point of change with changes of its own.

Turnover is continuing.

Just checking the home sales listings provided in Weston Today, you can count the familiar names moving out. In addition there are sad reports of deaths of those we’ve known and cared about. Too many.

The latest bad news is about Omicron. This variant rages across the countryside. And the Town of Weston alerts us to another blip on the road to recovery.

So it is at this moment in time we must face facts. Our town may have a communication problem. By which I mean that the only thing we hear is bad news. After a while this can get depressing.

One way to get around these problems – most likely virtually again – is to attend “Speak Up” on Saturday morning February 12th.

It must be confusing for new residents. How can they find out how to reach out to government to find out the answers to their questions about how things work in Weston?

“Speak Up” a creation of the League of Women Voters of Weston in 1992 and continuously presented every year since then is the answer.

The full Board of Selectmen, the Chairpersons of all elected Boards and Commissions, the Police Chief, the Superintendent of Schools and the Town Administrator provide the answers to your questions.

In addition this year the Facilities Optimization Committee, in charge of determining the needs of school and Town buildings will be there.

The Aspetuck Health District executive director will be present to answer your questions on the pandemic latest (and other matters, if asked).

That is the key to “Speak Up.” The people are in charge (but the League moderator makes sure that the mood remains civil). And you get your answers!

“About Town” is also a television program. It appears on Sundays from 6:30 to 7 p.m. on Cablevision Channel 88 (Public Access). Or see it at www.aboutweston.com.

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