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Did you catch the debates last Saturday? Re-runs should be available soon – visit the LWV of Weston website for news: www.lwvwestonct.org.

Saturday morning on Zoom beginning at 10 a.m. will be two more. That would be the Board of Education and the Board of Finance.

This time the Board of Education candidates (but not in a contest this year) will answer your questions and exchange opinions about your questions! They go first.

Right after the Board of Education discussion will be the contested Board of Finance race!

Sitting members from both Parties in debate along with 3 new faces!

One is a challenger on the Republican side. Another must run as he is filling a Democratic vacancy.

And a surprise “Unaffiliated” candidate. Usually a rarity. But this year one of two such candidates on the full ballot.

E-mail questions on Education and Finance to: lwvwestonct@gmail.com.

Since the education budget makes up 80% of your tax bill (approximately) everyone should chime in!

And if you miss the live debates, remember that the LWV of Weston will be uploading all of these important events as soon as possible to the League website. Go direct to the LWV debates here: https://lwvwestonct.org/item-page.php?itemtypeid=3

Coming attractions for the third Saturday – October 23rd at 10 am – promise another contested race. This for the Planning and Zoning Commission.

We have a new Democrat and a new Republican running as well as an Unaffiliated candidate. Plus three incumbents. There are arguments galore here.

Who will decide the fate of the Town’s appearance and character?

How about the new proposal that may already be the law by the P&Z debate? It turns the 5-acre neighborhood shopping center zone into a 22 acre Village District? Included in the “village” are additional acres - town-owned parcels that are exempt from zoning

And the last debate on October 23rd will be a discussion of the policies of the Police Commission. There is no contest here. I hope you will send in questions for this important Commission that keeps us safe: https://lwvwestonct.org/item-page.php?itemtypeid=3.

“About Town” is also a television program. It appears on Sundays from 6:30 to 7 p.m. on Cablevision Channel 88 (Public Access). Or see it at www.aboutweston.com.

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