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Where is the summer going? August is right around the corner and what do we have to show for action on various fronts?

What’s up with my triumvirate of favorites? That would be Planning and Zoning, Conservation and the Building Committee.

P&Z is still trying to figure out how Weston can keep its identity as an independent place. With no sewers and only wells can we stay sustainable? So that we can all afford to live here? Can we meet the Legislature’s demands for high density affordable housing development?

In order to find these answers, should any exist, the P&Z Commissioners took a deep dive. Adroitly, they met with their counterparts from Greenwich, Ridgefield and Westport.

These towns, however, are more like mini-cities. They have downtowns. Population ranges from 61,000 to 25,000. Weston is a lot smaller (10,000). Weston Center hasn’t had a grocery store in which one can buy “a tin of pepper” as my first year planning instructor stated it a very long time ago.

The chairpersons of these three larger towns spent a while proudly stating their rush to build apartment houses. However, they allowed as how no multifamily units were built in their towns without public water or sewer.

Only one had a “cluster” development of small homes. And the one that had done so wrote rigid zoning standards. Which included a common septic system for that development.

For some local news, we visited the always busy Conservation Commission!

On board is a new Conservation Planner! Who also happens to be our Town Tree Warden.

Conservation’s powers can certainly help clarify what may be misperceptions (or not) of the impact of any “improvements” to our landscape. They will be hearing the Lachat application for a new “barnlike” structure’s impact on wetlands in August.

And rounding out the recent meetings attended, I offer the news that the hardest-working group in Town, the Weston Building Committee is on the job!

The monsoon-like conditions this summer must have played havoc with any roof construction activity. And the in-between oppressive heat hasn’t helped either!

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