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Change is in the wind.

Coincidently, Major Party Caucuses for local Election 2021 November 2nd took place last week. But don’t think that things are all set. Yet.

It is true that Major Parties must submit their “tickets” as approved by Party Caucuses to the Town Clerk July 28th by 4pm.

You never know if there might be late summer Primaries. Or if any unaffiliated voters decide to give it a go. Or if anyone registers as a write-in candidate.

Does everyone think that local government is a place for action? I think this new generation may. They will practice what is preached. Such as caring for the natural environment and protecting the planet. And considering diversity, equity and inclusion in their daily lives.

The principles of sustainability and living it in their work, play and their choices in life, too. No one who lived through the pandemic as it has rolled out so far was left unchanged. Neither individuals nor businesses.

Which is why I so enjoy watching Zoom meetings of the Board of Selectmen. If you do not watch any other group regularly, you should definitely tune in to the Selectmen. Here are our political leaders.

Not only that, Board of Selectmen’s meetings have always been recorded and now appear on the Town of Weston website. This entity is at the top of the municipal government heap.

At the last such meeting, everything was on the table. By “everything” I mean the full range of actions they oversee.

Interviews and appointments to our volunteer governmental bodies come first. Then filling positions of staff vacancies. Next up was the necessary things government must do. Such as establishing a date for a public hearing on a Police Civilian Review Board final draft, after summer vacation.

And re-starting the Town Green project (not planned to cost the taxpayers any money to construct). Followed by grants received and regional support studies by our Regional Planning agency WestCOG.

The best was left for last. The Economic Vitality Committee will be using the skills of the Survey and Research Committee professionals to query those who work at “home” in local businesses.

The last major item was some good news. The Selectmen heard from the Finance Director. End of year financial reporting showed tax collections up and a 20.4% fund balance projected!

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