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Elections matter. Voting makes a difference.

This coming November 2nd is scheduled for Local Elections.

Through the years the two major Parties have done due diligence in providing capable candidates. The Selectmen, Finance, Planning & Zoning as well as ZBA, Police Commission, and Board of Education are populated by them.

If an unaffiliated voter tries to get a seat, say on the school board, it takes a special and energetic individual to win enough support on election day. I can recall one occasion when such an effort was successful.

But if you are registered in a major Party, if you want a role in choosing your Party’s ticket, be sure to attend the Party Caucus later this month.

Republicans caucus on Tuesday July 20th at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Commission Room. Democrats caucus the next day. That would be Wednesday July 21st at 6:30pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room.

The two Parties have different ways of conducting their selection process, and who knows? Maybe there will be excitement? In any event, these activities are live events in Town Hall, 56 Norfield Road!

What kinds of issues may dominate this year’s Weston local campaigns?

At this point it is a bit early to start speculating. What will the “platforms” be for each Party? Will they have such a thing?

The Board of Selectmen should have a new face at the top. First Selectman Spaulding is not running for re-election. Will there be a contested race this November for that top spot? It is the only office that gets any salary at all – Weston volunteers run the government here.

The Board of Education is always exciting. The contests, which the community sees as of greatest impact to their children and/or their pocketbooks is of interest. Almost eighty percent of the Town budget is spent on the schools.

Finance has openings for both Parties, as well as some current members who must stand for re-election. P&Z has a vacancy to fill, plus re-elections due.

The Police Commission is, I believe, the only one of these major boards that has not had turnover since the last local election.

Is there change in the wind for any or all? Stay tuned!

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