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These are changing times. Whether political winds buffet us, or Mother Nature, Weston must retain its sense of balance.

I think we have to stick with the basics: Support the environment, focus on maintaining the water cycle and leading always with our strengths. All of these three elements have one thing in common – respect for the art of advocacy.

And not be afraid.

So it is with pleasure that I can tell you that more than one of First Selectman Spaulding’s “advisory” committees is proceeding apace with their (revised) mission!

In its second personification, newly re-defined, the “Economic Vitality Committee (EVC)” will be doing something Weston needs. Facing the facts of economic life. And what is that?

Our tax base can be defined as the homeowners of Weston. And the property taxes they pay. Supporting “home” businesses and residents self-employed is the plan. This is imperative to our survival.

Over the next few months they plan to survey home businesses in town.

I hope their early efforts on Zoom bringing these lonely entrepreneurs together. May connections expand over the summer months. And actually develop into their own “linked in” group! And meet truly face to face!

Which brings me to the question of leadership.

Who will succeed First Selectman Spaulding? He is a hard act to follow. Energetic, creative and devoted to getting things done, he guided us through the pandemic. Which I hope has been tamed.

Not every idea was a home run, but Chris has worked hard to keep us up on what he’s been doing.

One way this has been accomplished has been through his administration’s use of Zoom to reach out at public meetings for input. And true “visibility” of major boards’ and commissions’ activities.

And posting the Zoom broadcasts on the Town website promptly for all to see. No secrets in Weston!

This is the best way to make permanent “open government” in our new, improved Weston. A their recent meeting, Economic Vitality declared boldly, and voted so, at least for their own satisfaction that Weston is “The Work at Home Capital of the World!”

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