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Spring has finally sprung!

Why do I say this? Because for me the pale green leaves on the trees this time of year signal hope. Hope for all growing things.

Now is the time when the mature strength of Weston shows as well.

After a COVID winter’s hibernation, an army of volunteer organizations (we all seem to belong to one or more) emerges.

Exhibit ‘A’ is Weston Kiwanis. Having “cleaned up” our highways and by-ways of trash tossed aside carelessly on “Green-Up Day” what next?

Mark your calendar for Sunday October 24, 2021.

That’s the date for the 10th annual Weston Kiwanis’ “Reservoir Run!” Sign up beginning in May. Interested? For more: ReservoirRunRaces@gmail.com.

Did you attend ATBM April 24th?

If there was a quorum of 130 eligible voters ATBM was adjourned to the “machines.” Which were available in Town Hall. Voting on the bottom line of Town, School and Capital Budgets for FY22 only.

Referendum or “adjourned ATBM” continues this Saturday May first from 12 noon to 8pm.

To be clear, that Referendum (or adjourned ATBM) will contain voting only the bottom line of the Town, School and Capital Budgets proposed.

A simple binary action is required – vote “yes” or “no.”

How about some news from Hartford? This is premature, of course.

But the Appropriations Committee came up with a recommended State of Connecticut budget for FY22-23 rearranging 20% of what Governor Lamont drew up in February.

Somehow I don’t think that this is the last word on the next biennial State Budget.

How many twists and turns will there be before the gavel slams down June 9th on this Session?

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