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Do you miss seeing your neighbors and other Westonites? How would you like to meet some if you are new to town?

Thanks to the ever-concerned Board of Selectmen, you have your chance! The Selectmen have revived the Annual Town Budget Meeting! Last year Covid-19 trumped ATBM.

The Charter of the Town of Weston demands that there be an opportunity for eligible voters have the chance to reduce budgets.

That’s the meeting that has a quorum requirement of 130 Weston property owners and voters. If 130 qualified voters show up April 24, 2021 at 2pm on the Weston High School football field, the meeting is on!

You get the chance to decide about how high your taxes will be next fiscal year (beginning July 1, 2021) at ATBM. At this time if a quorum of 130 shows up the budget as approved at the “Deliberation Meeting” of the Board of Finance can be reduced (not increased).

Questions about every single proposed expense for next fiscal year (“FY22”) is fair game. You can propose cuts to every single line item. The Board of Education budget can only be considered as a whole.

So go to the high school football field Saturday April 24th at 2pm (rain dates arranged for succeeding Saturdays) and have a good time seeing other Westonites again!

Again, kudos to the Board of Selectmen. They get into every aspect of local government.

Admitting that the “charge” they had given to the original “Economic Vitality Committee” was not specific enough, they spelled out what they really wanted this time.

Which is too bad that it took so long to do this. But perhaps any work and ideas painstakingly prepared under the previous charge will serve as an inspiration for that Committee down the line!

A second group of volunteers, who are and have been for many years, the best example of what it means to volunteer in Weston, is the Lachat Town Farm Commission.

Their professionalism is beyond compare. They are showing other more “official” Committees and Commissions and Boards how to truly reach out to the public.

The Lachat folks have Friends who toil in the earth. And who find grants that are a perfect fit for each specific goal set for Leon Lachat’s farm on Godfrey Road. Lachat is the magic sauce for making a better Weston. Watch their March 31st open meeting via Zoom on the Town Website!

“About Town” is also a television program. It appears on Fridays from 5:30 to 6 p.m. and on Sundays from 6:30 to 7 p.m. on Cablevision Channel 88 (Public Access). Or see it at www.aboutweston.com.

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