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Why am I not surprised? At which is the busiest Town Board right about now, that is.

That would be the Board of Selectmen. They held a “double-header” of meetings last week. Or perhaps it would be better described as a “double-feature.”

Joining these virtual meetings online we found out pretty much everything we would like to know about how Weston is currently doing as a town. The good and the bad. Letting their hair down, so to speak, the Selectmen really got into it!

Their regular meeting was preceded by a Public Hearing in which almost no one in the public participated. The exceptions being this columnist and an individual who is one of my favorite and most thoughtful Westonites.

What will the effects be on the Transfer Station and on how we dispose of our garbage as a result of proposed ordinance changes, including proposed membership in the Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority (HRRA)?

I was prepared to ask esoteric questions about the next steps in dealing with our trash. But I chose to simply ask a seemingly more pressing question, namely “will I be able to keep my garbage collection company?”

The answer, in a word, was “yes.”

But the haulers will not be allowed to drop off the garbage they collect in Weston at the Godfrey Road transfer facility. They will do so elsewhere, perhaps at the HRRA facility in Brookfield.

Also, when and if the Selectmen vote to join HRRA, a Household Hazardous Waste Collection event organized by that Authority will occur next on September 12th!

Another question raised about the changes that would result from joining the HRRA was “what will it cost in comparison with the present process?” The answer: It will save Weston approximately $25,000.

And speaking of saving money, Town staff has been particularly awesome of late!

During the course of these meetings it became evermore clear that Town employees have been going the extra mile to keep services available while Town Hall is closed to the public. And they are using their creativity and organizational skills to make government as accessible as possible during the pandemic.

Perhaps someday we will look back on this time as a time of change for the better, when it comes to government.

In any event, another item on the Selectmen’s agenda last week was consideration of a request from the Board of Finance to delay capital spending and road paving costs during the forthcoming fiscal year.

Having followed the recent steps in the budget process in this strange and difficult year I know that there was a lack of consensus among the Board of Finance members regarding budget cuts. Which “cut” across Party lines for that matter.

It remains to be seen if Town and School spending on capital projects can and will be deferred. Meanwhile, how will municipal finances be affected if a significant number of Westonites take advantage of the Governor’s Executive Order 7S, providing a grace period for property tax payment in some circumstances?

I love Weston, as frequent readers of this column well know. And I know how I’m going to be helpful as the deferment debate continues. I’m going to pay my property taxes on time!

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