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How are things looking on the home front? As Connecticut “re-opens” for business will this change life in Weston?

The “Phase One” businesses are hair salons and barbershops, museums and zoos, offices, restaurants, other retail, and malls. Not much of that in Weston!

“Essential” businesses such as the market, liquor store, gas station, Post Office and bank never closed in Weston Center.

“Stay home, stay safe” orders seem to work for Westonites. As I have thought recently, Weston might consider a new tag line for attracting new residents. It could be “Weston CT - Social distancing since 1953.”

That would be the year Weston zoned the entire Town for two-acre lots. Population at that time was not much greater than 1,988, as reported by the U.S. Census in 1950.

Connecticut’s May 20th Phase One reopening has begun. Executive Order “PP” was designed to ensure compliance. Perhaps when the designation “PP” was chosen someone had “police presence” in mind.

Police Commission to the fore! Responsibility for enforcement has largely been delegated to municipal governments and police forces, in coordination with direction provided by the health districts.

The list of outdoor recreation activities that are now acceptable includes, among others, golf, tennis, outdoor shooting ranges, batting cages, and race tracks without spectators. As well as archery, kayaking, sailing, and canoeing.

In Weston I note that walking has turned into a popular and exciting way to get exercise, walk the dog, and enjoy the beautiful weather! On a sunny weekend there seem to be more walkers and bicyclists around nowadays than cars.

Which is all good. Let us think about what else may be changing for the better.

A Public Hearing on the new Town Plan of Conservation and Development is scheduled to be held virtually, on Saturday June 6th beginning at 9 a.m. Basically speaking, what is this Plan intended to do?

It is intended to guide future development. And to describe what the Town should look like in perhaps ten years.

As mentioned earlier, Weston has uniform two-acre zoning. Two acres of land is a bit more than 87,000 square feet. To put that in perspective a football field comprises about 57,600 square feet, including the end zones. And in many cases two-acre properties in Weston border on woods. Social distancing indeed!

Nothing in the new Plan says “change that!” For one thing, it tries to promote recreational means that are consistent with our natural environment.

The Plan especially focuses on providing suggestions for the future of central Weston which, after all, consists for the most part of town owned land. With one major exception, though.

The late Mrs. Robinson started construction of her Weston Shopping Center ca. 1950, prior to implementation of zoning. Providing necessities and services that would make the town complete was her goal.

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