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Start your engines! Here comes election season!

This year Weston’s not very contentious march to the polls on November 5th will have our Board of Selectmen running unopposed.

This Saturday the three members of that Board will be discussing what each thinks about “The State of the Town.” That event, conducted by the Weston League of Women Voters, occurs at the Weston Public Library Community Room beginning at 10:30 a.m., on October 5th.

Following their presentations members of the public are welcome to ask questions or make statements of their own. A League moderator will keep things running smoothly.

What would I ask?

One thing I’d want to know is how external forces may influence Weston’s municipal good health in the next two years. Of course there isn’t any way to predict this with certainty, but I’m sure our municipal leaders have given this question some thought.

Another thing that is on my mind, but not really in the form of a “question” or a “statement,” is a philosophical one.

How can we as citizens best keep apprised of “what’s up” when it comes to municipal affairs. In addition, that is, to regularly reading the estimable publication you are now looking at. With the plethora of municipal Boards, Commissions, ad hoc entities, and staff organizations that comprise local government, how do we focus on actions that mean the most to us?

Do we have to watch everything that goes on in and around Town Hall, as the osprey couple that has been nesting atop the nearby 195 foot cell tower in recent years presumably does? For that matter, given that the dietary preferences of these birds of prey just about exclusively involve fish, the fact that this particular couple has ventured so far inland to make their home must say something positive about our town!

And then there is the Town Plan update. Last call for your input to the consultants! The final community conversation about the once per decade Plan update that is in progress takes place Thursday, October 10th, at 7:30 p.m. in the Weston Middle School library.

Here are some questions I might ask Milone & MacBroom.

Have you analyzed traffic flow around the Center yet? If so, what does the analysis show?

Are there places in town where “cluster development” might be envisioned?

What are the standards you would recommend Weston take into consideration when and if zoning revision takes place in relation to the Plan? Maps displayed at prior workshops indicate commercial zoning in the central part of town might be recommended. Please note that Weston Center pre-dates any zoning in town and has protected rights to continue in place.

Will you recommend duplicating Weston Center in another area? Are you thinking of recommending “spot zoning” for such purposes? Would that be legal?

Could a “village district” concept apply to all areas where sidewalks might be recommended?

Or might the existing zoning providing for a five-acre shopping center district perhaps be modernized? First written in 1970, the shopping center standards might be ready for a makeover.

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