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How is the Town Plan update process coming along?

September 9th in the Weston Middle School Library, beginning at 7:30 p.m., will be the place to find out. See what your input so far has wrought!

A couple of decades ago the State of Connecticut mandated that Plan updates be performed every ten years. You can tell when this requirement went into effect.

Weston’s first Plan was done in 1969. It was updated in 1987. The next update came in year 2000 and after that in 2010.

How is Weston’s Planning & Zoning Commission proceeding this time around? For the first time since 1969 a consultant is engaged in the process.

Collection of data that is necessary to support creation of a good Plan is a science in itself. How to efficiently obtain various government reports is not self-evident. Obtaining aerial views that translate into maps is another challenge. And devoting precious professional time to acquisition of narrowly focused data that may be required is yet another.

Obtaining meaningful public input, whether via public meetings, surveys, or other means, is a skill.

Have new ideas been raised since completion of the town-wide “Citizen Survey” late last year? Much has happened since then, that may have potential relevance. Not all of it has happened in Weston, though!

For example, a State-wide focus on “PFAS” in surface water and groundwater has developed.

That acronym is short for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances. It encompasses a group of several thousand man-made substances that have entered the spotlight as emerging contaminants.

You’ve probably read not long ago about pollution of the Farmington River with fire-fighting foam. That was one of the reasons Governor Lamont last month created an inter-agency PFAS Task Force. Connecticut’s Department of Public Health and Department of Energy & Environmental Protection lead this entity.

Does Weston have any exposure here?

P&Z did discuss the Weston Water Study of 1993 at its public meeting this past May 6th, and specifically its relation to the Town Plan update. The gentleman who served as Vice-Chairman of Weston’s Water Study Task Force when that Study was developed participated in the meeting. My understanding is that at least most PFAS substances were not among those included in the Study’s testing protocol.

But on another note, what for Weston is probably the greatest change at the State level during the Plan update process so far is the Legislature backing away from wholesale regionalization of education. At least that is my perception.

Which bodes well for continued synergistic collaboration between Weston’s Board of Education and the Town’s Building Committee. That is what real “voluntary collaboration” looks like!

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