People in Weston care about every detail of their own environment, even the very small ones.

This is something that has been well noted, and emphasized, by the consultants to our Planning & Zoning Commission who have been working on plans for the Town Center.

Their plan incorporates classic urban design elements. It includes a series of pathways through and around. Particularly to an urban planner, such as myself, the Town Center Plan is a breath of fresh air!

Of course the update of Weston’s Town Plan of Conservation and Development that is being developed, of which the Town Center Plan is part, should (and I expect will) recognize that Westonites enjoy being able to retreat into the privacy of their own woods. And in doing so we welcome the responsibility of providing and maintaining certain of what are typically “city services.” No sewers or public water supply, thank you.

Optimizing development in the center of town involves drawing a balance between increasing and improving “amenities” on the one hand, and considerations involving infrastructure, on the other hand.

We already have a tertiary treatment plant not far away, servicing Weston’s high school, middle school, and intermediate school.

Westonites certainly recognize these tradeoffs, and make their feelings known. Particularly if they might be personally affected. An example of this occurred just the other week.

A public notice on the Town website announced what might be referred to as a Connecticut Department of Transportation dog and pony show. In this case it was about bridge repair.

I had my eye on this in part because it seemed like a good test of public attentiveness, given especially that we no longer have a printed newspaper serving the town. In addition to appearing on the front page of the Town website for a few weeks in advance, the announcement appeared in the estimable publication you are now reading, Weston Today. And the Town provided notice to nearby homeowners directly.

Did a substantial turnout result? You bet! And I would wager that nearly everyone who lives near the two bridges in question, involving Davis Hill and River Roads, was among those who showed up!

The townsfolk who showed up at that CT DOT public hearing spoke their piece politely, and pressed for additional information. Their presence made a difference.

Another matter that is a potential concern for some neighborhoods will soon be addressed. Specifically on Thursday, July 11th, at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

That is when a Public Hearing will be held on a proposal by Altice to place ground-mounted “cabinets” in the public rights of way near Bisceglie Park and the intersection of Fanton Hill Road and Old Easton Turnpike. The “cabinets” being equipment that would support fiber-optic cable services.

Sounds like something that may be good news regarding Internet and TV service. However, from what I heard at the most recent Board of Selectmen meeting the public response might include some fireworks, to figuratively utilize a term that is particularly a propos this time of year.

These broadband “cabinets” were indicated to be the size of some of the furniture in the Town Hall Meeting Room. But trust me, they won’t be antique-like in appearance.

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