Offices & Candidates

* = incumbent

Contested offices

First Selectman (you can vote for only one)
Samantha Nestor (D) *
Stephan Grozinger (R)
Martin Mohabeer (D, registered as a write-in)

Selectman (you can vote for only one)
Tony Pesco (D)
Kerem Dinlenc (R)

Board of Education: 4-Year Term (you can vote for up to four)
Sharon Ferraro (D) *
David Felton (R) *
Peter Gordon (R) *
Michael Guido (R)
Brandon Gutman (R)

Board of Education: 2-Year Term (you can vote for up to two)
Steve Ezzes (D) *
Michael Chad Hoeppner (D) *

(Note: Both of the above candidates were appointed to fill vacancies with terms expiring in 2025. The Charter requires that they stand in this election to complete the term. Uncontested, both will be elected.)

Police Commission (you can vote for up to three)
Beth Gralnick (D) *
David Muller (D) *
Jess DiPasquale (R) *
Frank Ferrara (R)


The following offices have as many candidates as openings. All will be elected. For each office, you can vote for none, some, or all. Some offices have two columns on the ballot due to different terms caused by vacancies.

Board of Finance: 4-Year Term
Amy Gare (D) *
Jeff Goldstein (D) *
Michael Imber (D)

Board of Finance: 2-Year Term
Chris Bryant (D)
Theresa Brasco (R) *

Planning & Zoning Commission
Gus Christensen (D)
Michael Reiner (D) *
Lauren Gojkovich (R)
Joseph Leone (R)

Board of Assessment Appeals: 4-Year Term
Barbara Reynolds (D) *

Board of Assessment Appeals: 2-Year Term
Marylou Jamieson (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals
Jim Low (D)
Ilene Richardson (D) *
Dan Gilbert (R) *

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate
Richard Wolf (R)

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