Weekly Covid Report: November 23, 2022

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About this report

Our reports are updated on Thursday evening each week.

The reports chart Weston’s new cases for each of six weeks, and the town’s vaccination status per age group.

We also chart Fairfield County’s case rate and the number of new cases each week, as well as the number of county residents hospitalized with Covid-19 at the end of the week and the number of Covid-19 related fatalities.


Fairfield County

Editor’s Note: Regarding the fatalities chart below, the number of deaths for the week ending November 10 is almost certainly artificially high. The Department of Public Health advises us that 50 fatalities in the state were reported on November 10, but 40 of them actually occurred in August through October and, for a time, went unreported. We do not know how many of the 40 were in Fairfield County, but we are reasonably confident that some of the 10 reported in the county for the week ending November 10 actually occurred in August, September, or October. This does not affect the total accumulated fatalities indicated on the chart.

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