The Great American Songbook, July 14

The fourth edition of Sunday Soundscapes takes place on Sunday, July 14 in the Weston Public Library Community Room.

Taking the stage at 4:00 is singer, pianist, and arranger Hannah Madeleine Goodman, whose show “Almost Like Being in Love” is an homage to the Great American Songbook. Ms. Goodman performs medleys of classics by Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Frank Loesser, and other notables of the genre.

Recently recognized for her interpretation of American song in this year’s American Traditions Competition, Ms. Goodman was classically trained at conservatory and comedically trained at Second City Hollywood.

Seats can be reserved here. Admission is free. A donation of $20 is encouraged ($10 for students).

The Sunday Soundscapes series by Friends of the Weston Library debuted last autumn with popular performances in a variety of musical styles including opera, jazz, and the baroque period.

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