Interview: The State of the Town

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In the video interview below, First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor discusses the State of the Town.

Ms. Nestor says the recent property revaluation grew the Grand List by $1 billion, and for the first time in 10 years the net total of budgets to be submitted to voters decreases, coming in .26 percent lower.

As the budgets stand, she says, the mill rate could be 23.81 per thousand of assessed valuation, a 28 percent decline that would put Weston’s tax rate below neighboring towns, except those with substantial commercial development.

Ms. Nestor says homeowners whose properties increased as much as close to 50 percent and own motor vehicles will see a tax cut and that net bills for 86 percent of taxpayers will either decrease, stay flat, or possibly rise by anywhere from $1 to $100 per month.

“We must invest in Weston and believe in Weston,” says the First Selectwoman, describing her budget as aimed at keeping people safe, making their lives better, and bringing in “diversified” revenue from commercial development in the Village District.

She says the budget is “not about how low can you go” but, instead about “doing what must be done” and positioning for the future.

The interview concludes with an update on the status of the many infrastructure improvements already underway, including the rebuild of the intersection of Route 57 and School Road, major work to be done on Lyons Plain Road and Valley Forge Road, two Town solar projects, work on three bridges, pickleball courts, the public safety radio system, and plans to bond for a rapid ramp-up of road paving.

“Westonites are smart people,” she says, “and they know the difference between fear and facts. I think they get it, and I think they understand we’re not trying to be Wilton or Westport. We’re just trying to make Weston better. And I think that’s a common goal for all of us.”

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