Lachat Volunteer Day, April 6

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A session set for Saturday morning, April 6 at Lachat Town Farm is an opportunity to learn about ways to get involved with the farm, one of Weston’s main attractions.

The session takes place from 10:00 to 11:00.

A special tour of the farm follows, guided by Carol Baldwin and Ellen McCormick, who more than a decade ago formed a small band of volunteers who had a vision of how the farm could become the place where people connect, learn about nature, and fulfill its mission to provide “spiritual refreshment.”

Today, that group of volunteers is much larger, but more are always welcome. And needed. Opportunities range from pitching in for a one-time event to having an ongoing volunteer role. It’s all up to each individual.

At the session, you will learn about opportunities to be part of the farm’s programs for children and adults, music events, animal care, seasonal events, groundskeeping, marketing, fundraising, farmers markets, and the Giving Garden, which provides assistance to those in the region facing food insecurity.

You can register here for the session. The Lachat team says you should feel free to bring a friend, and also feel free to come if you already volunteer at the farm.

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