Hughes Launches Reelection Bid

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State Representative Anne Hughes kicked off her campaign for a fourth term in office at an event in Georgetown on March 10.

Ms. Hughes has served the 135th district — Weston, Easton, and Redding — in the Connecticut House of Representatives since 2019.

“I’m so proud to be your state representative, and proud to be championing the front lines of good state policy,” Rep. Hughes told a crowd of supporters, officials, and candidates.

Referring to a spending bill passed in Washington last week that avoided a government shutdown but cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, Ms. Hughes said, “We can’t count on Congress for meaningful change. On the state level, we the people have to take up the slack.”

A member of the state legislature’s Labor and Public Employees Committee, Rep. Hughes said she would champion an “essential workers bill of rights,” noting that “80 percent of the workforce, largely women, are not protected. Every worker deserves paid sick days, access to health care, and a livable wage.”

She said she is determined to pass climate protection legislation and a child tax credit “to support 75 percent of working families in Connecticut.”

Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz told the gathering, “You are incredibly blessed to have the fierce and fearless Anne Hughes representing you,” and said Ms. Hughes “has spent her career caring for elders, advocating for families, and protecting the climate.”

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor also spoke in support of Rep. Hughes, as did Easton First Selectman David Bindelglass.

The audience also heard from State Representative Sarah Keitt (134th district, Fairfield and Trumbull), Rob Blanchard, a Democratic candidate for the 28th State Senate district (Fairfield), and Ken Gucker, who seeks a return to the state House in the 138th district (Danbury).

Rep. Hughes

Lt. Governor Bysiewicz

Ms. Nestor

Dr. Bindelglass

Mr. Blanchard, Rep. Keitt

Mr. Gucker

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