Election Results

The new Board: Tony Pesco, Samantha Nestor, Kerem Dinlenc. Weston Today

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor easily won reelection in the November 7 municipal election, capturing 60 percent of the vote.

Ms. Nestor’s running mate, former Board of Education chair Tony Pesco, was elected to the Board of Selectmen by taking 64 percent of the vote against his Republican opponent, Kerem Dinlenc.

Ms. Nestor’s principal challenger, former Selectman Stephan Grozinger, fell short of the number of votes needed to still claim a seat on the Board of Selectmen. His total was 44 less than that of his running mate, Mr. Dinlenc, which gives the seat to Mr. Dinlenc.

214 write-in votes were cast for outgoing Selectman Martin Mohabeer, who launched a last-minute bid for First Selectman.

Unofficial results. ✓ = winner.

  First Selectman Votes Pct.
Samantha Nestor (D) 1,791 60.30%
  Stephan Grozinger (R) 965 32.49%
  Martin Mohabeer (write-in) 214 7.21%
  Selectman Votes Pct.
Tony Pesco (D) 1,802 64.11%
Kerem Dinlenc (R) 1,009 35.89%

Board of Education

Four contested school board seats were on the ballot this year. Democratic incumbent Sharon Ferraro won a full term. Also winning were Republicans Peter Gordon and David Felton, both incumbents, and Michael Guido, who edged out Brandon Gutman for the fourth seat.

Two uncontested seats completing a term were won by Democrats Steve Ezzes and Chad Hoeppner. Both currently serve on the Board, Mr. Ezzes as its chair.

  Board of Education (4 Years) Votes Pct.
Sharon Ferraro (D) 1,958 28.17%
David Felton (R) 1,253 18.03%
Peter Gordon (R) 1,309 18.83%
Michael Guido (R) 1,226 17.64%
  Brandon Gutman (R) 1,204 17.32%
  Board of Education (2 Years) Votes Pct.
Steve Ezzes (D) 2,015 50.09%
Chad Hoeppner (D) 2,008 49.91%

Police Commission

Four candidates — two Republicans and two Democrats — vied for three seats on the Board of Police Commissioners. Democratic incumbents Beth Gralnick and David Muller easily won reelection, but incumbent Jess Dipasquale came up 26 votes short against fellow Republican Frank Ferrara.

  Police Commission Votes Pct.
Beth Gralnick (D) 1,856 29.72%
David Muller (D) 1,906 30.53%
  Jess Dipasquale (R) 1,228 19.67%
Frank Ferrara (R) 1,254 20.08%

Uncontested offices

  Board of Finance (4 Years) Votes Pct.
Amy Gare (D) 2,036 33.75%
Jeffrey Goldstein (D) 2,009 33.30%
Michael Imber (D) 1,988 32.95%
  Board of Finance (2 Years) Votes Pct.
Christopher Bryant (D) 1,876 57.94%
Theresa Brasco (R) 1,362 42.06%
  Planning & Zoning Votes Pct.
Gus Christensen (D) 1,905 29.57%
Michael Reiner (D) 1,924 29.87%
Lauren Gojkovich (R) 1,303 20.23%
Joseph Leone (R) 1,310 20.34%
  Assessment Appeals (4 Years) Votes Pct.
Barbara Reynolds (D) 2,065 100.00%
  Assessment Appeals (2 Years) Votes Pct.
Mary Lou Jamieson (R) 1,586 100.00%
  Zoning Appeals Votes Pct.
Ilene Richardson (D) 1,939 37.06%
James Low (D) 1,927 36.83%
Daniel Gilbert (R) 1,366 26.11%
  Zoning Appeals Alt. Votes Pct.
Richard Wolf (R) 1,464 100.00%

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