Statement from the First Selectwoman

Statement from the First Selectwoman:

This weekend, various signs were strategically placed throughout our town, and unfortunately, they have sparked fears and concerns amongst our families. Further, the subsequent discussion has shown a divide among our community.

In my capacity as a town leader, it is crucial that I address the matter of these signs and emphasize their inappropriate nature. Regardless of whether they were deliberately designed to be so, the Jewish families in our community, including myself, perceive them as being antisemitic. It is of utmost importance that we approach this issue with the seriousness it deserves and truly listen to the concerns raised.

To gain a better understanding of the situation at hand, I have taken the time to consult with esteemed faith leaders and advisors. I strongly urge everyone to not dismiss this matter when it arises, but rather, to speak up and take a stand against it.

These signs have had a profound impact on our Jewish community members, leaving them feeling a range of emotions:

- Unsafe
- Unwelcome
- Unheard

Our neighbors are in pain, and as a community, we have the responsibility to support each other. I sincerely hope that you will stand with me in assuring our community that we will not tolerate the infiltration of antisemitism within our town. Together, we can make a difference.

With gratitude,
Sam Nestor
First Selectwoman

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