A Remembrance of Those Lost on 9/11

Photos contributed by Darcy Barrera-Hawes

Town officials, leaders of Weston emergency response operations, and others gathered at Town Hall this morning in memory of residents who perished in the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Outside the building’s main entrance, the names of Scott T. Coleman, Keith E. Coleman, Robert T. Jordan, Glenn D. Kirwin, Robert A. Lawrence, Jr., and Bradley H. Vadas are etched into a stone bench, a reminder of the violence 21 years ago that deprived friends and families of their loved ones.

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor

Selectman Martin Mohabeer

Police Chief Edwin Henion, WVFD Chief John Pokorny

WVFD president Craig Cohen

Boy Scouts raise the flag

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