About Town

It has come to this. I am sorry to say this is my last column.

Since 1990 I have been reporting on Weston. First as the “beat” reporter for Planning and Zoning in the original “Weston Forum” (which began life in Pat Heifetz’ basement).

Later, in 1991, I began a column entitled “League Lines” while President of the Weston LWV. Attending all Selectmen’s meetings as well as Board of Education meetings. I hoped to recruit new members.

Out of office, I continued a Forum column entitled “Eye on Hartford.”

By 2001 I launched the website www.aboutweston.com. All meeting news from then on (until now) is online. Lots of photography from these and many other events around town also exist there.

Including my adventures playing right field for the “Wild Things.” Ladies Slow-Pitch Softball had a League for many years.

When the Weston Forum (under different ownership) bit the dust, Ted Craft leaped into the gaping hole that was information about Weston. I was honored to have “About Town” — the new name of my column — in his noble effort to keep up a town newspaper!

And then COVID-19 hit in early 2020.

The sheer terror of the pandemic closed everything down. But not Weston Today. We should all be so grateful to Ted Craft for what he has done.

As I move to Manchester, New Hampshire at the end of this month I intend to visit virtually for as long as all meetings are on Zoom. And after that watch reruns of the Board of Selectmen if that is the only way to keep in touch!

Pat Heifetz only attended Selectmen’s meetings as the Editor of the Weston Forum (she had reporters for all the others). She told me:

“Margaret, you must watch the Selectmen – everything ends up there!”

Drinking water quality is at risk! This Board of Selectmen is on the case!

Remember the Weston Water Study of 1993? Is it time to consider another random survey of private wells — especially now with the PFA threat to Town wells?

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