WestonArts Receives $50,000 Grant

Photo: Veronica Hauresz

WestonArts has received a $50,000 grant from the Daniel E. Offutt III Charitable Trust to continue and extend its mission to support and develop the arts in Weston.

The gift comes on top of $104,000 donated by the Offutt Trust in 2017, funds devoted to WestonArts Scholarships, annual need-based financial awards to graduating Weston High School seniors to support their continuing education in the arts.

The newly established WestonArts Offutt Enrichment Fund will “help countless students pursue artistic education without bearing a prohibitive financial burden,” said WestonArts chair Patricia Perez-Goodrich.

“The fund will nurture the arts in Weston and, in turn, benefit our community at large,” she said. “Art stimulates the imagination, opens the heart and mind to possibilities, and fuels the soul.”

WestonArts partners with the Town of Weston Social Services department to identify young people in need of financial support for art-based education, instrument rentals, and event and program participation fees.

The organization also works with educational institutions and individual artists to facilitate reduced rates for classes, rental services, and instruction for young artists.

Since its founding in 2005, WestonArts, an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit, has raised and disbursed over $600,000 to support the arts in Weston.

The organization made a splash in July, hosting the first Weston Fine Arts Festival, which included more than 100 fine art vendors and a full weekend of live entertainment featuring a memorable headline performance by José Feliciano.

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor hailed the festival as “a Herculean feat,” describing the events as “an upbeat outing that simultaneously built community and celebrated the arts.”

Our thanks to Aline Weiller.

In the photo, WestonArts volunteers. Bottom row, left to right: Aline Weiller, Allison Lisbon (of Weston Social Services), Cindy Wagner, Casey Lerner, Patricia Perez-Goodrich, Susan Young, Erin Gorman. Top row, left to right: Christine Walder, Sally Eiler, and Adria Belport. WestonArts board members not pictured include Marc Fontaine, Hanna Przada, Debbie Rehr, Amy Borowik, Agata Tria, and Veronica Hauresz, who took the photo.

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