Election Results


2,818 voters cast ballots, 39 percent of the 7,309 total number registered.
2,561 (91 percent) voted in person, 257 (9 percent) by absentee ballot.


These are the final results reported to the Connecticut Secretary of the State.
Checkmarks indicate those elected.

Candidate Votes
First Selectman
Samantha Nestor (D) 1,845
Kirby Brendsel (R) 929
Martin Mohabeer (D) 1,794
Amy Jenner (R) 950
Board of Finance: 4-year
Steve Ezzes (D) 1,831
Jamie Zeppernick (R) 1,138
K. Rone Baldwin (R) 1,239
Jeffrey Farr (R) 1,215
Travis K. Worrell (P) 611
Board of Finance: 2-year
Michael Imber (D) 1,953
Planning & Zoning: 4-year
Megan Loucas (D) 1,750
Sally Korsh (D) 1,778
Alexander Burns (R) 1,108
Harry Falber (P) 801
Planning & Zoning: 2-year
James Carlon (R) 1,380
Board of Education: 4-year
Taffy Miller (D) 1,875
Bernadette Kingsley (D) 1,857
Tony Pesco (D) 1,865
Board of Education: 2-year
Sharon Ferraro (D) 1,851
David Felton (R) 1,229
Peter E. Gordon (R) 1,234
Police Commission
Dawn Egan (D) 1,975
John Dembishack (D) 1,770
Peter J. Ottomano (R) 1,183
Woody Bliss (R) 1,268
Assessment Appeals
Anne Kendall (D) 1,922
Zoning Board of Appeals
William McLeod Snaith (D) 1,824
John D. Moran (R) 1,270
Zoning Board of Appeals Alt.
Jim Low (D) 1,861

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