Devil's Den Reopens, Gently

With little fanfare — actually, none — Devil’s Den reopened on Sunday.

The Den closed in March of 2020, just as everyone was advised to stay home. The Nature Conservancy found too many visitors ignoring policies that protect the preserve and keep everyone safe. Too many brought dogs or stayed past dark. Too many parked illegally on nearby roads, blocking access by emergency vehicles to the Den and neighboring homes.

With luck, it will go better this time.

For at least the time being, Devil’s Den is now open every day from sunrise to 5:00 pm. Visitors are asked to kindly “spread the love” and visit other trails in the region if the parking lot is full. The Weston Police will keep an eye on neighboring roads. Those who ignore the many no-parking signs risk tickets and towing.

“We are thrilled to welcome guests back for a chance to reconnect with nature,” said Cynthia Fowx, the Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Outreach and Preserve Manager. “We are proceeding cautiously with our reopening plans and want everybody to be safe.”


Visitors to Devil’s Den will have a chance to meet Ben Croll, who has been brought on to connect with guests, promote safety, and make sure everyone is off the trails before dark. Before long, expect to see hikes organized and guided by Mr. Croll.

At press time, an update to the Devil’s Den website is not yet live. When it is up and running, you will find more information there. You can also call the visitor information line at (203) 226-4991. Press 4 when prompted.

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