Covid Report: June 10

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Updated Daily (every weekday evening):

Weston Daily   Weston’s up-to-date cumulative cases and, at the school district, the number of Weston students and staff currently in quarantine and currently isolated after testing positive.

Fairfield County Daily  Charts depicting recent trends in the county’s average new daily cases, the number of residents hospitalized for Covid-19, and the county’s cumulative total of Covid-19 fatalities.

Updated Weekly (usually on Thursday evenings):

Red Alert Weekly  The most recent map of Connecticut hotspots.

Weston Daily

Fairfield County Daily

We average the daily new cases for the seven-day period ending on the date of the latest reported data, then do the same for five preceding weeks. Averaging reduces the variability of daily numbers that may be partly influenced by the number of tests performed on a given day.

The graphic provides a clear representation of the course the disease has recently taken. An upward course does not necessarily predict an upward trend. A downward trend over several weeks may indicate that efforts to contain and reduce the spread of infection are working.

We focus on the county, as the State recommends, because the dataset is larger and more reliable. It is also most relevant, since few people confine their activities to their town’s borders.

Red Alert Weekly

Latest update: June 10, 2021. No Connecticut municipality is in Red or Orange Alert status. 164 of 169 are in gray, meaning their case rate is less than 5 per 100 thousand of population or they have fewer than 5 reported cases. In yellow, with 5 to 9 cases per 100,000, are Bolton, Brooklyn, Hartford, Salem, and Waterbury.

Cities and towns are added to the weekly Red Alert list when their average daily Covid-19 case rate over the last two weeks is greater than 15 (per 100,000 of population).

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