Spread the Word: Let Blue Lights Pass

Do you know what to do when you’re driving and see a car in your rear view mirror with blue lights flashing?

When you see flashing blue lights in a car, please safely move to the side of the road and let the vehicles pass.

We’re talking about private vehicles — not a police car, an ambulance or a fire truck.

Volunteer EMTs and firefighters have special permits to use these blue lights on their vehicles. Blue lights are a visual warning light for use when an emergency volunteer wants to convey to other drivers the urgency of their journey.

Weston EMTs, like other towns, use blue lights to ask other drivers to pull to the side of the road safely and yield the right of way, so that they may respond with urgency to a medical emergency.

Blue lights may be in a vehicle’s windshield or on top on the car, but wherever they are, please pay attention to them and give emergency responders the courtesy of pulling over. Someone’s life may depend on it.

Please help us help you by moving to the side of the road when you see a vehicle behind you with a blue light flashing. And please, Spread The Word.

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