Weston Real Estate: Still Hot

We invited top realtors from KMS Partners at Compass to another Zoom session to update you on Weston home sales. David Weber, Susan Seath, and Karen Hagen had joined us last May and then again in September. This time, Laurie Morris took part as well.

Key takeaways

In the 18-minute video above, we discussed Weston’s increasing appeal, record sales in 2020, the new normals of the selling and buying experience, the power of virtual marketing, and what to do if you are thinking of selling.

Record sales

2020 was “a banner year,” said Mr. Weber. 297 homes were sold, as opposed to 163 in 2019.

At the moment, he said, current inventory is “very thin,” with only 35 listings active.

The new normal

The pandemic has changed how homes are sold. The agents are adhering to a realtor association’s guidance to only show houses to prospects who can close within 60 days and are decision-makers. Masks, hand sanitizers, and avoiding touching objects are musts.

Many homes are being sold completely virtually, including to buyers who are overseas and cannot travel to the United States.

Presenting online

The typical first look at a home occurs online, said the agents. How the house is presented has a significant impact on its sale price. “Make it look pristine,” they said.

Conventional open houses are few and far between. When they do occur, prospective buyers come through one-by-one, usually for thirty minutes. With the market as active as it is, it is not uncommon for buyers to line up for their turn.

Active at all market levels

Interest in Weston homes is strong at all price levels, said the realtors. “Buyers are waiting for houses to come on the market,” they said.

The price range of $850 thousand to $1.2 million is “hot, hot, hot.”

Home values are up

In earlier interviews, the realtors told us it was too soon to know if the strong market had increased home values. But now, with at least two quarters of comparative sales in hand, it is clear that values are up.

Weston values probably haven’t yet recovered to 2004 levels, they said, but have done better than some nearby towns.

Thinking of selling?

Get a water test, even if you are only thinking about selling a year or more down the line. Doing so allows you to address problems well before putting the house on the market. An issue first revealed in a buyer’s inspection can easily kill a deal.

Why Weston?

Large properties, open space, and great schools remain major attractors. At the same time, the town’s appeal has grown in other ways.

“It’s fun to sell Weston, because there is so much more here,” said Ms. Seath, calling out Lachat Town Farm and programs by the Weston Historical Society.

A sense of community is another major attractor. Buyers can “get a really good feel for the town” online, said Ms. Morris. They actively engage in social media groups. Ms. Hagen said she had heard from many families that the Moms in Weston Facebook group is “so welcoming.”

“Our buyers are looking for safety,” said Ms. Morris. “They’re looking for ambience. They’re really just looking for home. That’s really what it comes down to.”

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