Haskell, Hwang, Hughes Re-Elected

All three State legislators who represent Weston in the General Assembly were re-elected on November 3.

State Senate

Democratic State Senator Will Haskell defeated Republican challenger Kim Healy. Republican State Senator Tony Hwang defeated Democratic challenger Michelle McCabe, and Democratic Representative Anne Hughes prevailed over former State Representative John Shaban, the Republican.

Senator Haskell, who captured 58.42 percent of the vote, carried Weston with 66.13 percent and Westport with an even larger margin. He also won Wilton (Ms. Healy’s hometown), Redding, Bethel, and Ridgefield. He trailed in New Canaan.

Senator Hwang prevailed with 51.7 percent of the vote, winning in Fairfield, Newtown, and Easton but trailing in Weston and Westport. For reasons unexplained, Newtown votes arrived quite late, and Fairfield results were not reported until the morning of November 5. By that time, Ms. McCabe had already conceded.

State House of Representatives

Representative Hughes won with 56.88 percent of the vote, easily carrying Weston at 61.20 percent and Redding (Mr. Shaban’s hometown) with 58.83 percent. Mr. Shaban won in Easton, Ms. Hughes’s hometown, by an unofficial 27 votes.

In a statement, Representative Hughes said, “This was a campaign based on community engagement with a strong focus on the issues that matter most to our towns.”

“The thread that runs through every conversation I have with voters in this district is a demand for accountability. We want accountability from state government, from public institutions, and from power companies. During the coming legislative session, we need to be accountable on the issues that matter most here—health care, Covid policy, climate, and the economy. I plan to take that message to Hartford.”

In Weston, 90% turnout

Presidential, in Weston

Biden and Harris (D): 4,733. 72.50%
Trmp and Pence (R): 1,680. 25.74%     
Other: 115. 1.76%

Congressional, in Weston

Jim Himes (D): 4,385. 67.69%
Jonathan Riddle (R): 2,022. 31.21%
Other: 71. 1.1%

Congressional, District-wide

√  Jim Himes (D): 204,538. 60.94%
     Jonathan Riddle (R): 125,999. 37.54%
     Other: 5,080. 1.52%

State Senate 26, in Weston

Will Haskell (D): 2,536. 66.13%
Kim Healy (R/I): 1,299. 33.87%

State Senate 26, District-wide

√  Will Haskell (D): 38,194. 58.42%
     Kim Healy (R/I): 27,189. 41.58%

State Senate 28, in Weston

Tony Hwang (R/I): 1,126. 42.9%
Michelle McCabe (D, WF): 1,499. 57.1%

State Senate 28, District-wide

√  Tony Hwang (R/I): 31,847. 51.7%
     Michelle McCabe (D/WF): 29,775. 48.3%
     Other: 3. 0%

State Representative District 135, in Weston

Anne Hughes (D): 3,924. 61.21%
John Shaban (R/I): 2,341. 38.79%

State Representative 135, District-wide

√  Anne Hughes (D): 8,662. 56.88%
     John Shaban (R/I): 6,567. 43.12%

Weston Registrar of Voters

√  Mike Zegers (D): 4,048. 63.73%
√  Tammy Herzog Roberts (R): 2,304. 36.27%
     Both are elected.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on November 5 to reflect the late-reported Fairfield vote in Senate district 28.

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