Noon Zoom with the First: The Recording

First Selectman Chris Spaulding joined us on Sunday for a live open Q+A with members of the community.

Questions that came in covered a wide range of topics, including where things stand with Covid, whether youth sports are actually spreading the disease, enforcement of mask and distance mandates, and why Town Hall hasn’t fully reopened yet.

Dr. Spaulding said the Registrars are ready for the November 3 election, updated listeners on the dog park and Field Club, discussed the sidewalks project, regional programs, the Town website, and several other projects in motion.

The video runs 57 minutes.

If you want to scrub through to topics that interest you most, on the bottom left of the screen, you will see the topic currently being discussed. On the right, a timecode. Here are the times when various topics were discussed:

  • 26 seconds—Where things stand with Covid in town and in the county
  • 5:23—Youth sports
  • 9:56—Mandate enforcement
  • 21:25—Reopening Town Hall
  • 23:56—Election day
  • 26:54—Whatever happened with the dog park?
  • 31:18—Whatever happened with the Field Club deal?
  • 32:49—Sidewalks
  • 35:47—Regional solid waste disposal and the Transfer Station
  • 40:14—Other pooled services opportunities
  • 44:47—Town website
  • 46:15—Other projects, including future sidewalks phases
  • 51:52—Closing thoughts about getting through all this

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