Back to School: Expert Advice

With Weston public schools opening in one week in the most unusual circumstances ever, we turned to an expert for advice on how families should prepare.

In a video interview, Nancy Taylor of Taylor Educational Advocacy, a former school psychologist and administrator, shares her insight about how to make a successful re-entry into school, no matter the mode of instruction.

The video runs 36 minutes. If you prefer, you can scrub to key topics that interest you at various intervals.

At 4:00, Ms. Taylor discusses what you should be sure to find out before school starts about how classes and distance learning will be conducted.

At 7:20, we asked what you should be asking yourself about a child's preparation and ability to get off to a great start.

At 11:50, a synopsis of the federal and State guidance provided to school districts.

At 14:20, how to make sure children are prepared for a new learning environment so they can be comfortable and safe.

At 22:20, how to know, and what to do, if your child is struggling.

At 27:10, what has changed in special education.

At 31:10, if your child has an individual education plan, what will be different this year, and how to make sure the IEP is fulfilled.

At 33:50, Ms. Taylor discusses the need to recognize the unprecedented, fluid situation today, and the most important ingredient for successfully dealing with issues.

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