Flamingos Attack Again

They're back. The flamingos. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the lagoon.

From now through May 31, for $22 you can place an order to give a Weston High School senior the bird. Two birds, actually, plus a yard sign, thanks to the Weston Middle School PTO.

After the 31st, the price goes up to $30. Keep the sign and the flamingos if you wish. They make charming pets, but poop a lot. Or you can recycle them, as ghastly as that sounds. Your call.

Flamingos will be delivered on Monday, June 8th, along with your personalized message congratulating the graduate.

Maybe you don't like flamingos. What's wrong with you? Or, what if the flamingos are all taken? (Supply is limited.)

For the same price, you can have three festive balloons delivered with the personalized message. Balloons don't make great pets, but the graduate will be thrilled.

You can even knock yourself out and send both to any number of students.

Let's say you don't know a high school senior. Not a problem.

At the very bottom of the order form, you will find a way to donate to a scholarship fund to ensure that every Weston High School senior is either birded or ballooned. Nice.

More fun flamingo facts

As big as they are—usually standing four to five feet tall—adult flamingos only weigh between four and eight pounds.

Flamingos feed by stirring up mud with their feet, scooping up a beakful, and turning their heads upside down to strain out everything but food. Gross.

The male and female of a mating pair build a nest together. Both sit on the egg while it incubates for about a month. Sweet.

In 2009, Madison, Wisconsin, named the plastic pink flamingo the city’s official bird. Alrighty then.

Our thanks to WMS Fundraising Chairs Sharon Ferraro and Carrie Shaffer.

See? I told you they fly.

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