"We're Getting There"

In a video report, First Selectman Chris Spaulding and OEM Director Sgt. Joe Miceli update Weston on plans to gradually reopen town as the threat of COVID-19 appears to be beginning to subside.

"We're not there yet," says Sgt. Miceli. "But we're getting there."


Dr. Spaulding reports that Weston has one of the lowest rates of infection around, and attributes it to the efforts of residents to practice social distancing.

With the announcement this week by Governor Ned Lamont of plans to begin to ease restrictions on May 20, the First Selectman says Town officials are working around the clock to plan for Weston's reopening, to create "a bridge from the surreal world we've been living in to a new normal on the other side."

Dr. Spaulding also reports that the Town is moving ahead, making progress on construction of public safety facilities and planning the library expansion. He expects funds to be released soon for the second phase of the sidewalks project, and announced that the Connecticut Department of Transportation will fund and build a safe pedestrian crossing to the shopping center on Weston Road.

Dr. Spaulding also urged continued vigilance on social distancing, exercising caution with pets, and being sure to walk and cycle on the safe side of the road.

Going forward

Sgt. Miceli says the resumption of access to Trout Brook Valley on Bradley Road has so far gone well, and urges visitors to continue parking only in the lot.

The sergeant says plans are being made to reopen fields, the running track, and other outdoor facilities, but not just yet. "We're still in the war," he said.

When the facilities reopen, there will still be restrictions for some time to ensure social distancing. Sgt. Miceli said keeping them open depends on whether they are used responsibly. Plans to safely reopen the Weston Public Library and other indoor venues, he said, are still being developed.

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