Weston Loves Bode

Bode Kloos, a brave seven-year-old who spent most of the past year undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, had his final scan this week.

All clear.

Hundreds of Mr. Kloos's Weston neighbors showed their love with an auto parade on Thursday. Everyone did it right. Everyone kept their distance. Physically, that is.

In this video report, you can see and hear what it was like—or relive it—in just two minutes. Enjoy.

Shout out to Jamie Mais and Dawn Egan for putting it together. A special shout-out to Bode's parents, Sarah and Bryan Kloos. Another to his sister Anabel.

Bode's shout-out came from scores of blaring car horns and the sound of his fight song. But here's one more from us.

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