OEM Bulletin: March 23

Weston Office of Emergency Management, 10:00 am:

Good Morning Weston!

We are in the process of gaining information regarding the number of COVID positive patients in Weston.

Unfortunately, we learned of the 2 new cases in the same manner as many of you and were not informed by the CT Department of Public Health.

Our objective this morning is to obtain a more comprehensive list with data from all the testing sources available. While the state posted there are 2 new cases totaling 3 for Weston we believe the number will be higher when all of the information is reported to us.

The best course of action is for all residents to continue practicing social distancing. For those who have tested positive, we encourage you to contact those who you may have exposed and to isolate yourselves until 2 weeks after you are clear of symptoms.

We will be providing more information as the day goes on. We appreciate your cooperation and support during these unprecedented and difficult times!

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