Devil's Den Closed

From the Nature Conservancy:

Effective immediately, The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut is closing Devil’s Den Preserve in Weston and Redding until further notice.

This is in support of the state’s efforts to enhance social distancing measures. We ask residents to only leave home to access essential services in order to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus/COVID 19.

While we typically encourage people to connect with nature, we have to balance that goal with the need to ensure the public’s health and safety.

The dramatic increase in visits to Devil’s Den recently has led to large groups congregating there with a lack of social distancing, and to visitors not heeding the town of Weston’s recent request to refrain from parking on roads which can block emergency access for our neighbors.

We ask for your patience and compliance with this closure. With today’s rapidly evolving circumstances, we have to prioritize the safety of our supporters, staff and volunteers. We will adjust as necessary with guidance from public health officials and the State of Connecticut.

Nature’s beauty and strength persist in times of turmoil and can still be appreciated safely at home. We look forward to taking a hike with you again in the future at Devil’s Den.

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